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First Visit to It's Good

by Mark on October 22, 2017 ,

Welcome everyone to the ships blog for S/V It's Good, we hope you enjoy our journey! We saw It's Good for the first time on Memorial Day (May 31) 2017 at a marina in Gloucester, VA and it was love at first sight, well for me it was!The drive to the marina was an interesting one, as we kept getting further from civilization and more into the "woods"! In fact, Sheila (our GPS) took us down a road that started as gravel, then dirt then mud with water filled potholes We discovered later that there was actually a main road to the Marina.

We walked out and there she was sitting all alone at the end of the dock. In fact, the picture above is the first picture we ever took of her. The next day we met Mike from Epic Yacht Sales, and he told us to hang out on the boat and if we had any questions, just come and get him. Really?! We get to hang out and check the boat out with NO sales pressure, thanks Mike! Funny note here, I had pretty much memorized the owners manual that I had downloaded, but would soon find out the the Amel Super Maramu we were considering, was very different than the SM 2000 we had the manual for. Oh well, just water under the keel!

At the end of the second day, we made our offer and crossed our fingers! We visited a couple of more times including pulling her out of the water for the survey and then heading out for the shake out sail, with NO wind! The survey went great and when I get a chance I will post a link to the video of her being pulled out, it truly gives you an appreciation for the size of the boat! I think the funniest thing that happened the first day, was Jennifer stating it seemed smaller than it appears on all of the Delos videos, but by the second day it grew on her and she would move from compartment to compartment stretching out and getting a feeling for the boat and what life may be like aboard. More coming soon!

So What's Where?

by Mark on November 6, 2017 ,

One of the first things you have to do when you buy a boat, well a used one, especially a passage maker, is to determine what is already onboard and where it is stowed. Jennifer and I spent several days just opening up every cabinet, every drawer and every deck panel below and began making an inventory, and a location note so we could sort it all out. We found spare parts, tools, books, plastic storage bins, first aid supplies and some items in the galley that had passed their usability date!

We spent most of the first few days on the inside of the boat and once we had things noted, we began cleaning below deck and started moving our stuff in. There were a few loads of personal items, clothing and shoes, then the kitchen stuff, and all of the essentials we wanted on the boat to be better able to stay on the boat. We replaced the old VCR/DVR combo unit, which was large, heavy and "warm" with a small little Sony DVD/BluRay player, but kept the 19" TV for now. To be honest, unless it is storming out, which it did the first few times we were at the boat (tropical storms), you really spend your time out on the deck talking, having sundowners and staring at the stars. In fact, we actually did this during much of the two tropical storms, except when the wind shifted and the rain started pelting us sideways. We will have more to bring aboard, but for now we are pretty set to go with new linens, comforter and such. Next it will be my turn on deck digging through lockers!

Peanuts Anyone or Where I found the emergency tiller

by Mark on November 8, 2017 ,

On our first trip to visit the boat armed with the Amel Super Maramu "2000" owners manual, my mission was to thoroughly check out this "cult boat" and try NOT to drink the kool-aid! Let's go back to the owners manual... nothing seemed to be located where it should, panels didn't match, what the heck is going on?! Well soon I realized that the manual was for the newer 2000 model Amel, but in this process I still wanted to further familiarize myself with the boat before even considering making an offer on her. Jennifer was busy getting the lay of the land and trying to sort out why it felt small or smaller than she had imagined, while I was, well drinking the kool-aid! In fact, I was hooked in about 30 minutes, just one thing really bothering me... nothing matched the manual! That included the emergency tiller, which any sailor knows is one of those things you hope to never need, but you also want to be sure you have it IF you NEED it. This became an addiction and at the end of the first day, Jennifer just quietly said, I really like this boat, let's go have dinner and a glass of wine in Yorktown and then we can go to the hotel to compare notes.

We spent the next two days on the boat and I just guessed we would have to have one crafted or something, but my mind went on to other things and I was off exploring (drinking more kool-aid). On our final day we made an offer and had to wait. Once the offer was accepted and the survey scheduled we were excited, like a couple of school kids drinking kool-aid at recess. When we arrived for the survey, things were going well and the surveyor who was looking though the same/wrong owners manual went to the starboard berth to locate... yes, the emergency tiller! I told him it wasn't there, but we looked again, then the crazy search began... No Emergency Tiller, pass the kool-aid.

Fast forward to closing day or weekend, we spent several days cleaning out the boat as mentioned in my previous post, but ran out of time before really getting to cleaning out the deck lockers and lazerette. A few weeks later we returned, this time with a goal to begin the process of cleaning our the deck lockers, organizing the sails and inventorying everything that we were keeping. I climbed down into our abyss of a lazerette where I found more kool-aid, oh and packing peanuts! Just what you need on a boat, right?! I began handing item after item up to Jennifer who was busy drinking kool-aid, and I began to clean up the peanuts when I uncovered, wait for it... the Emergency Tiller!

Why are we going to PetSmart?

by Jennifer on November 8, 2017 ,

I thought it was about time that I submitted some thoughts for our blog. As Mark mentioned already, I am totally new to sailing. He probably hasn't mentioned yet that I am only 5'3" tall. As many of you shorter folks already know, being short definitely poses challenges for getting on and off a boat. To complicate matters even more, our boat is on a fixed dock at our marina in Virginia, and the tide level changes two feet or more.

Thank goodness no one took any videos of my first couple of visits to our new boat - especially trying to get on or off the boat at low tide. I forgot the other complicating matter - our boat sits with a few inches of the keel in mud at low tide. You've probably already guessed this means there's no way to pull the boat closer for me to get on. This was upsetting for a couple of reasons: 1) it's frightening trying to make a "leap" onto the boat and 2) maddening to think I could only get on and off the boat at certain times of the day.

This blog entry does have a happy ending though. One day Mark told me we needed to make a stop at PetSmart. I thought this was odd since we don't have a pet. I was thrilled to discover he had found a pet ramp there he thought would be perfect for our boat. Guess what! It's the best purchase ever. I would recommend the pet ramp for anyone that needs easier access for their boat!

Getting Her Prepared for First Journey

by Captain Mark on November 17, 2017 ,

We gave the final list to our friends at Severns River Yachting Center in VA for all of the boat maintenance and other items we wanted to have completed prior to moving the boat to Charleston, SC. I will say this, the team at Severn's is amazing. I watched day by day when Kevin hand made a replacement wooden bow sprit that was at least 3ft long, I have watched Jack and the team transform a boat from less than a beauty back to its glory days. They have already done so many things for us, and this should be our final list before we return to Gloucester next season. They did the antifouling bottom paint, washed and waxed the hull, replaced the cockpit windows, replaced a halyard, replaced the traveler line, and many other things. Now we are just waiting on the new stickers for the stern, and a good weather window to move the boat. I have PredictWind and can easily select a weather window, so sometime in the next couple of weeks we will be making the 3 - 4 day trip around Cape Hatteras, down to Charleston to our winter home. We are quite excited to get the boat there and are already planning some small trips, as well as trips to the Bahamas and Bermuda, for work believe it or not!

Should I Stay or Should I go...

by Jennnifer on November 27, 2017 ,

I've been hesitant to post an entry lately because I really don't know anything about boats or sailing. In retrospect, though, I realized that my rookie (newbie) perspective may be of interest to others that are new to sailboats.

So you may have already noticed from one of Mark's postings that we're about to move our boat from VA to SC. Obviously, I really underestimated what is involved in scheduling the trip. From weather patterns to currents, everything must be taken into consideration.

I've also discovered recently that the coastline of Cape Hatteras can be quite challenging, so I've decided to let Mark and the boys make this initial voyage without me. I'll meet them in Charleston, pass the wine. Hope you guys don't think I'm wimping out! Safe travels, calm seas and good winds!

Ice, Duct Tape and a Hat

by Mark on December 12, 2017 ,

Okay, wow! I am at the Marina in Virginia this week hoping for a good weather window for a departure later in the week. When I woke up today to go do some more boat chores it was 25 Degrees and the high isn't going to be much higher than that for today. The wind is also blowing pretty good at around 15 knots with gusts to 20 knots and yes you guessed it from the stern of the boat so all of my boat projects will not be blocked by the partial bimini or hard dodger.

I opened the engine compartment to check the new intake water pump that was installed by the marina, and to charge the battery. Did I say it's freezing outside? I have my hat, but it's hard to do anything with the gloves, especially when using duct tape. There is water in the port side locker that was discovered when we pulled the dive gear and life raft out to get the raft re-certified.

I pulled out a good West Marine pump that I had found stowed in the lazarette, but no hose that would fit, so break out the duct tape! After getting the pump and hose connected I soon discovered that the pump/hose combination were not long enough to reach the bottom of the locker and pump over the side of the boat. Off to the store to get paper towels, hey don't judge that was the closest and simplest solution. As you may be able to see from the pictures above, the boat had ice on the deck and of course part of the water in the locker had frozen, so that made part of the project easier just pull out the sheet of ice, however, there was still about a 1/4 inch of water. This was solved successfully with the paper towels and the we put the life raft and other ditch gear back into the locker and we are ready to go. Back to watching the weather via PredictWind to see when we will have good enough weather for rounding Cape Hatteras.

Romantic Sunset in December... Brrr!

by Mark on December 18, 2017 ,

After my very cold long weekend at the boat doing boat projects in 25 degree weather, I headed down to SC to surprise Jennifer and it worked, she was so excited that I was there. She was missing the boat, since I got to go up, but she didn't. It is really odd how fast the boat has become our home and we do miss it, especially since when I went up without her I was in charge of finishing off the "Jennifer" touch in the boat. Decorative pillows, matching bedding for the v-berth which I have to admit looks pretty good, but hey I'm a guy I was done once I got all of the lockers sorted and the kitchen stuff put away! I surprised Jennifer by telling her to pack up, it was time to head up to the boat and check her out. I have never seen her pack so quick, or so light to be honest! We borrowed her mom and dad's rocket ship (Murano) and headed back to cold VA. We did book at our favorite hotel, ate at the diner and Juan's in Gloucester, but the best nights were spent at the Water Street Grille in Yorktown! We drove to Jamestown and to Williamsburg to complete our journey of the Historic Triangle, but we really didn't get out of the car and plan on doing it again when it is warm, probably more than once.

We managed to locate the back part of the bimini top which helps retain some heat on the boat, which was good because it was pretty cold, though not as cold as a few days earlier when I was doing the chores. It will also be nice on the trip out to the Atlantic and heading south to our winter home in Charleston, seriously hoping we can get her moved soon. Our last night there we stayed on the boat and went to Juan's then straight to Redbox to rent a movie or two. Jennifer made it through the first one and GB held on till about halfway through the second, then zonked! He's funny, every time I would catch him drifting off, he would say "I'm a bear and it's winter, what do you expect"! I guess that was hibernation humor, or his best attempt at it. The sunset above was the incredibly romantic view we had as we were walking down the dock to head to Juan's, this marina has some spectacular views! There is nothing like spending time at the marina, on the boat, looking at the view, with the most incredible person in the world! It's Good!

Amazing Piece of History Discovered!

by Mark on April 25, 2018

No I am not talking about some lost artifact, painting, skull or treasure. I am sitting in the office today, busy as usual, in and out of meetings, returning calls and checking emails. I had an incredible email from Mike from Epic Yacht Sales. "Ha! Was deleting old voicemails from our landline system and his popped up! The start of a great adventure!". Curious, I listened to the voice mail message. It was the message I left when I first contact Epic in regard to our new boat, "It's Good". Interestingly we never looked at any before, not after and that all started with this voice mail. This was the beginning of May 2017, and on Memorial Day 2017, we were at the boat. In fact the picture here is one of the very first we took on the night before we were to meet Mike and climb aboard for the first time.

We took a few pictures, but didn't want to get our hopes up. Actually, we weren't really in a position to buy a boat, but for what ever reason we had been looking at this boat online for months, and by months I do not mean 2 or 3, more like nearly 9 months. Here we were standing before what is now the beginning of our adventure. Two days later we made an offer, and in August 2017, she became ours and we truly couldn't be more excited, happy and adventurous.

Thank you Mike for sending me the recording, thank you for being so great to work with and most importantly, thank you for being a true friend. We will have adventures together my friend.