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GB's Log

New Couch for Me, Cool Fisherman and Me as an Astronaut!

by First Mate GB on Mar. 8th, 2020

I can't believe it, we had snow at the boat and so many other cool things have happened so far this year! Okay, I am back in Texas, where it is warmer than it was at the boat last week. Usually on the boat it would be okay because we have the new AC and Heating units on the boat, but the heads (bathrooms) were winterized so we still can't do our business on the boat (you know what I mean by our business, right?!). It isn't a lot of fun having to bundle up and walk to the marina facilities to go, but it is part of our life on the boat. Even Mom was having fun and put up with the cold weather.

While we were there we got to see a lot of our friends and met a whole bunch more. We even had to say goodbye to Angela from the hotel in Newport News, but I know she will enjoy her new journey in Florida. One night our friend, Dickie cooked us dinner at his cottage on the York River (See the pictures below they are from his cottage), it was yummy, and we got to hang out with Lauren and Andrew! While we were there I was checking out all of the cool stuff he has and saw this cool fisherman and had to take a picture. I tried a selfie but my arms are too short!

I know my parents posted about the new awesome interior materials, but let me tell you... they are slippery and not just when wet. I kept sliding down the cushion and had fun watching mom try to get pillows to stand up, without using duct tape! I had a great time hanging out with Mom and Dad and just being on the boat, it is our home, or second home like Mom says. Soon it will be our full-time home and we love it there! When we were at the airport I saw this cool astronaut suit and Mom let me try it on, it's a bit large, but how cool!

It's great to be back home, and it's still spring break for me and I'm loving it. Well hey, we have to go get provisions for the house, our main home so we can eat some cookies! I'll post again soon! Happy sailing, G.B.

Wake up Mom and Dad -- I think it snowed last night!

by First Mate GB on Feb. 21st, 2020

What a great sight to wake up to! Probably not for people like my siblings, cousins and nieces that live in the frozen northland of the USA, but for us Texans it is beautiful. Fresh snow falling on the York River, just off the Chesapeake Bay. Sure it's cold, but I'm a bear and I have fur, so no burr! Being based out of Gloucester, VA is one of the best things we did after buying the boat, sure we could be somewhere warm right now, but considering both of my parents are still working on cool projects (money-earning projects, not boat or money giving projects), we are here.

In the Chesapeake, not only do we have some of the coolest history in the US, aside from Sam Houston and the history of Texas, we have four seasons. There are so many cool little towns and anchorages, with incredible views everywhere, oh and Mom loves the fresh seafood! Follow us this year as we make some journeys around the bay. Believe me when I say, the bay is a great learning area for Mom and me, we get all kinds of weather here, I mean just look at those pictures of snow! What I really mean is we can be motoring with no wind, then a low blows in and it's gusting in the high 30 knot range! Great thing about our boat is that it will sail in lighter winds, we have a lot of sail configurations being a ketch, but she loves strong winds! Actually, we have been out in the bay with gust over 40 knots and the boat feels solid and keeps us safe. Even Mom never seems worried, she knows that the boat and of course our Captain (Dad) are sea tested, and the boat is a real "blue water" sailboat.

This week Dad had me learning costal navigation on an actual paper chart, drawing laylines, doing dead reckoning and all kinds of cool stuff. I will tell you more in my next post, so come back y'all! Right now I'm going out to make snow angels! See y'all soon! Oh yea, I love my life! Happy sailing, G.B.

Mom, What is that? The guy at the Blue House and his Animals!

by First Mate GB on Mar. 22nd, 2019

When we first went to look at the boat we were driving back to civilization when Dad had to brake quickly and Mom started laughing while saying "Chickens" and I couldn't see out of the window to the front of the truck. As we we went around we saw all of these chickens going to the back of the "Blue House". Little did we know over the years we would see goats and lambs and finally a couple of sheep dogs.

Well I wasn't expecting this sight, so I grabbed Dad's phone to take a picture and send it to mom. It was a lama and it wasn't alone. I wanted Dad to stop so I could see how far it could spit, but apparently dad has had run ins with lama's before so we didn't. It will be interesting to see what this guy grows in his yard next trip! Happy sailing,G.B.

We Went to NASA

by First Mate GB on Oct. 10th, 2018

One of the best things about living where we do is NASA, the home of Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center. I am still bummed that a president decided we didn't deserve one of the retired shuttles, but nothing I can do about it. Johnson Space Center is such a cool place, technically it is supposed to be educational, or that's what my parents say. For me it is just WAY COOL! I even got to touch a space rock, or I guess a moon rock!

I got to go to mission control, but they had it all messed up because they were redoing it to take out something called Asbestos which is bad! It is scheduled to reopen next year, but it was still cool. I went in a replica of the Space Shuttle, Skylab and got to see a Saturn V rocket engine and it was huge!

My dad an I did the jet simulator which goes completely around and up and down, it was crazy, but my Dad flies it pretty good. I was the gunner and I think I shot down at least one enemy plane, but it's hard when you are upside down! I am hoping to get up to the boat soon and I will post more from there! Until then, Houston we have no problems! Happy sailing,G.B.

Flying the Jolly Roger

by First Mate GB on Sept. 30th, 2018

So we put up the Jolly Roger, or the pirate flag and I asked my dad, "What is the meaning behind the pirate flag"? He quickly replied, "It's who we are"! Really, we are pirates? No we aren't pirates, but it is fun, it shows that me and my family are different from the norm, which I think is great! Plus, we got to watch all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! I don't know about you but for me that was all I needed! However, if some of you need more information here is a great article that describes the origins and more important history. Learn about the Jolly Roger. I bet you didn't know that there were two colors, red and black that were flown. Black meant quarters would be given, which I think means that they would not kill the crew. Red was apparently worse because it meant no quarters would be given, "The flag was certainly meant to announce their presence, and the pirates, enterprising men that they were, quickly found that they could convey their intent to ships in their path with their banners: black flags indicated that they were pirates and that they would consider providing quarter, while a red flag bearing the described insignia meant that no quarter would be given and the mates meant to fight to the end." All I know is we fly ours for the fun of it and as a tribute to all of those that spent their life at sea, not just the pirates! Oh, this year we are going to Disney World, and I am hoping to meet Captain Jack Sparrow! I hope mom doesn't mind that the picture I chose shows us pumping the boat out! Happy sailing,G.B.

It's my sister Jessica's Birthday -- She says she is finally 21!

by First Mate GB on Jul 31th, 2018

So every year we try to go see my Sister, Brother-In-Law and my awesome cousins... but Dad is a softy for Christmas! If you've ever been to Minnesota, it's like the North Pole without Santa Clause.

Mom and I have been scheming to see if we could make a summer trip and as it happens my sisters birthday is on July 31!!! Perfect, let's pack our stuff and head to the airport.

If you've ever been to Minnesota at the end of July, it's bloody HOT!!! Maybe not as hot as Texas, like where the concrete dries faster, but still hot!
We had a great time and we went to a new place for some breakfast food! It was fun, but sad at the same time because we were leaving that day. I love spending time with them, but they are so far away! I think my nieces would love swimming and floating on the lake behind our house!

Next year they are all coming to Texas for my other Gigi's birthday! I can't wait!

Promise to keep you updated more often! Happy sailing,G.B.

Happy Birthday America - Part 2

by First Mate GB on Jul 12th, 2018

Let me see where did I leave off? Oh yeah... we had a great time sailing on the 4th of July!

Then we headed out to our favorite Mexican spot Juan's. I tried the Fish Tacos. Awesome!

We even made some new friends who were local and told us the best spot to watch the fireworks!

They were right. It was a great spot. I even hear it was where the Volunteers were waiting to engage the British. Don't ask me. It sounds like another one of Mom's DAR trivia questions.

Before I sign off, I want to give a special shout out to our friend Richard back in Texas. He came over to eat before we left and brought a copy of the musical 1776 for us to watch with him. Check it out if you've ever wondered what our founding fathers might have been like if they danced and sang.

Promise to keep you updated more often! Happy sailing,G.B.

Happy Birthday America - Part 1

by First Mate GB on July 8th, 2018

Hi Everybody... G.B. here. I just don't know where the time has gone. Sorry it's been so long since I checked in!

I must be the luckiest bear ever. Guess where we spent the 4th of July week? at our boat in VA, the Birthplace of America! Like I'm talkin' Yorktown where the Patriots beat the British to end the Revolutionary War!

Lots of fun stuff to report. I'm getting better at helping out with boat chores.

This trip Dad even let me help out with pumping the boat out... I'm still trying to figure out our exact mission, but Dad says it's very important work. It involves lots of hoses and clamps and something Mom calls a poop straw. That always makes me giggle!

Any way...we took the boat out just after lunch on the 4th. We had a cool time, and mom and I served as special lookouts for crab pots along the way. They were everywhere. Evidently, that's to be expected when you're in the Chesapeake.

We didn't get to stay our very long because the Marina was closing early, and we wanted to be sure they could help us with our lines. Mom and I still aren't a lot of help to Dad when we're coming back into our slip. You won't believe this... part of the issue is we have to lasso 2 poles on one side. Who knew I needed to develop cowboy skills as part of this sailing thing!

I think I'll finish my 4th tale a little later. I'm pretty sure I smell popcorn. It must be Movie Night!

Until next time...

Boating With Papa at Lake Hartwell

by First Mate GB on June 2nd, 2018

It's been quite the summer of 2018, boating and more boating... leading to boat projects! This weekend though I was lucky enough to go to Lake Hartwell in Lavonia, GA to hang with Papa and Gigi. Oh yea, and go boating (lol) which is kinda cool on the lake boat they have.

They have a huge 100 foot houseboat for sleeping, then when you want to cruise around the lake with snacks we get on the pontoon, actually this one has three pontoons. It goes much faster than our sailboat, but our sailboat goes faster than the houseboat because it's tied to a dock.

We sleep in a bedroom that is downstairs, well down a few stairs on the houseboat and it's cool, it's like a cave! I'm hoping to spend more time at the lake, but also back on the lake in Texas and on the Bay in Virginia. I think I am boat rich!!!

Promise to keep you updated more often! Happy sailing,G.B.

Happy Memorial Day from SV It's Good and Crew

by First Mate GB on May 31, 2018

I am so excited we got to come to the boat for Memorial Day, which marks 1 year since we came to look at the boat for the very first time. I like patriotic holidays because I am proud to be an American Bear and I love flags and brats. The first time Mom had a brat was after her and dad met and he made them, and mom thought it was a weird looking hot dog and wasn't sure about trying one. Me... I jumped right in and ate my weight in Brats with dad and once mom tried one, let's just say, she is a big fan now!

Back to memorial day weekend at the boat and the rain. It rained and rained and at one point dad said, "heck with this I am grilling brats up on the charcoal grill at the marina". Mom wasn't real sure you could cook in the rain, but you can see by the picture that Dad got it done and they were yummy! Mom is funny, she just eats hers with relish, which is good, but I like mustard, onions and relish on mine, kinda like Dad!

While we were there I got a bit of a cold or maybe just a nose thing, well my nose is pretty big. Mom says I have the Garver nose! So Mom gave me some medicine and tucked me in with my favorite book! Thanks Mom! Gotta go, I smell mac-n-cheese... not that fancy stuff like Grandma makes, the kind out of the box that Dad makes! GB.

We Landed On The Moon! Oh and Eat More CHICKEN!

by First Mate GB on May 10, 2018

I love everything about space; the physics, the history, the theories and the exploration. See, I live in Houston, TX and NASA isn't that far away, about an hour, or a bit more from our house. I sometimes think about what it would have been like to have someone say to me, "Hey GB would you like to be an astronaut?" and I would be like, "What's that?". Can you imagine the look on my face when the guy with the pocket protector and thick glasses looks at me and says, "We want to train you to go to space and back. All we have to do is get this rocket built by the lowest bidder with thousands of parts working against each other, strap you in and ignite the engines. It's really all math and physics. We are pretty sure we can get you into earth orbit, AND bring you back safely." I ask, "How many other people have done this?" Smart guy says, "well you would be the first, are you in?" Houston We Have A Problem!

Mom, Dad and I watched a great movie about sending John Glenn into space, called "Hidden Figures", and no it's not a story about those girdle things! It is an amazing story about how NASA Langley was charged with the math of getting a man into earth orbit and reentry into earths atmosphere, and they had what were called these "computers", which was a room full of women basically that ran numbers, or "human" computers. Long story short, three black women made it into history by essentially, doing the math to get John Glenn into space, you have to see it, it's on GB's must see list.

Why am I telling you this? Last time Dad and I went to pick up mom I met an astronaut in the airport, who just got back from space. He was talking all about the great adventure, the weightless feeling which he said was utter-ly unexplainable. See he was a cow! I asked him what he ate while in space and he said, "Whatever it was, it tasted like chicken"! We talked for awhile and as the astronaut cow walked away he turned and said, "Eat More Chicken", which made me remember where I had seen him before, he's famous! He is one of the chick-fil-a cows and I saw him at Rodeo Houston! What a small world it is, even in the 4th largest city in the US. I looked down to where he had been standing in his space suit and I saw a string, so I wondered if I should pick it up, and if it came back with the cow from space... I had a theory (get it... String Theory)!

Gotta run, Mom comes home tonight! GB.

Just Checking In and Saying Hey to some fans!

by First Mate GB on May 8, 2018

Hi Mates! GB here. Sorry it’s been so long since you heard from me last. My schedule has really been hectic since the Rodeo. Mom and I have been putting in long hours trying to pass our Nautic Ed classes before our upcoming sail. Just between us – it takes me extra time because I usually stop between chapters for a cookie break. Don’t tell Mom though. She’s been telling me I should cut down on my cookie intake. Who is she kidding? So let’s just keep it between us.

I have a few shout outs to do – first off I’d like to wish Aunt Shirley a belated Happy Birthday! Impressed with my word choice – belated? I’ve been working on my vocabulary. Dad got me a cool new book at Barnes & Noble. It teaches me lots of new words every day. Any way, you guys remember Aunt Shirley & Uncle Roy – they’re the ones I took the RV trip with from S.C. to Texas. We had an awesome time! And congrats to Cousin Cathy back in S.C., she joined the DAR with mom! I still am not really sure what that means, but evidently it’s super cool! Hope to see all of you soon at the Family Reunion!

Signing off for now. Mom’s out of town, so Dad and I are going to play Playstation and eat hot dogs! I really do have the coolest life! GB

Being Prepared Like The Easter Bunny

by First Mate GB on Easter, 2018

Well we didn't get to go see my friend Lauren before she left. I am just guessing that she has already left since she was leaving in April. I hope I can find out something, I have my feelers out. In the meantime, I had a pretty good Easter, because I was back home finally! There is nothing like getting home after a couple of weeks away. Sleeping in my own bed, playing with all of my own stuff! On the flight home, Dad and I got bumped to first class and that was something to talk about. So much room, free snacks, not just snack mix, we got bananas! I had enough room to stretch out and play games on the iPad, then Dad and I watched a movie. Mom was in Comfort next to a large person, so I was glad to sit up with Dad!

When we got home I ran into the Easter Bunny on the lake. We talked all about boats and boating safety. He liked my last post on sailboat terms, although he has only been on small motorboats on the lake. He had his floatation device on while he was cruising around the lake hiding eggs for all of the little kids, and of course for me! I don't know what he does the rest of the year, but I always look forward to seeing him.

Regarding boat safety, when the weather is rough Dad always makes me put on my life jacket, and then he runs jack lines from bow to stern in case one of us has to leave the cockpit and go on deck. We have a safety harness that we also wear in heavy seas, or storms that have clips on them, so before you step out of the cockpit you "clip in" to either the forward or aft jack lines, or lifelines. Between our jack lines and safety harnesses, and our stainless steal life lines all around, our boat is pretty safe in all kinds of weather. Always be safe at sea, or else you could end up overboard and that will ruin your day like a soggy cookie! Signing off for now! GB

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - my favorite month of the year!

by First Mate GB on March 21st, 2018

If you live in the Houston area, March is the best month! First my dad and I love it because it is Ford Truck Month, lots of great deals, but Mom says Dad isn't in the market for a "new" truck, but we looked at some pretty cool ones! My Dad does already have a rocking red Ford F-150 Rock Ridge Altitude edition which is hard to get in, well at least for Mom and me! The other reason the Garver's love March is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! It lasts all month and is huge and by huge I mean all of it! There is a huge carnival with more food on a stick than you can shake a stick at... oops! You get the idea! Then there is the Livestock Show with some of the biggest most well fed animals you have ever seen, oh and the sheepdog competition, those are some smart dogs... that'll do Pig! Hee Hee! Some great shopping and live music everywhere, of course there is one HUGE concert every night following the rodeo which is in the NRG stadium where the Houston Texans play football. There are about 72,000 people every night for the Rodeo and Concert series which lasts 21 days!

Okay, Mom dug up a bunch of facts she said I need to post, so here we go! In 2017, which holds the record so far, the single day attendance for all of the festivities was 185,661 and for the annual record which was in 2017 also, 2,611,176 people attended. Here are the stats from the past few years since we have been going; 2014 - 2,485,721,in 2015 - 2,483,193, in 2016 - 2,462,030, we covered 2017 and in 2018, 2,408,550 (We had lots of rains and storms this year). Garth Brooks holds the single night concert attendance with his performance on the last day of Rodeo Houston 2018 with 75,557 people, that's not including Ms. Yearwood!

More Fun Facts: Meanwhile, the Junior Market Barrow Auction set two world records again this year. A barrow is a type of male pig, and the auction was held March 16. Hannah Simpson, 14, of Dimmitt, Texas, exhibited the Grand Champion Junior Market Barrow, which sold for a world record of $214,000. The buyers were Jackie and Jon Hodges, McCarthy Building Cos., Stronghold Ltd., and Debby and Jeff Young. Katelyn Cozart, 17, of Early, Texas, exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Market Barrow, which sold for another world record of $134,000. The buyers were Mickie and Jim Clark, Tori and Ed DeCora, Tracey and Jim O’Neil, and Bobby and Robert Shockley. One longtime record was broken at the Junior Market Steer Auction on March 17. The Champagne Cowgirls buying group purchased the Reserve Grand Champion Steer for $366,000, breaking a record set in 2001. The group of 20 women is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Roberts County 4-H member Jett Hale, 10, of Miami, Texas, exhibited the steer. The Grand Champion Junior Market Steer sold for $410,000 to buyers Emily and Robert Clay, Becky and Kelly Joy, Julie and Alan Kent, and Debby and Jeff Young. Allen FFA member Cameron Conkle,17, of Allen, Texas, exhibited the grand champion.

There were 20 calves, 23 lambs and 54 piglets born at the Rodeo's birthing center. More than 475 chicks were hatched. An estimated 10,000 people rode the mechanical bull. No word on how many of those people were sober. A mountain of potatoes: 70,000 pounds of potatoes consumed by rodeo-goers. Some 12,500 cubic yards of pine dust bedding were trucked in for the animals. An estimated 22,000 people rode camels. Rodeo patrons ate 250,000 funnel cakes (topped with a brain-wrinkling 1.5 million strawberries). Vendors sold 120,000 turkey legs, and we ate a lot of that number! The rodeo trucks in one and a half semi-trailer loads of deep-fried Twinkies. Cowboy hats purchased: 7,000, Pairs of cowboy boots purchased: 8,000. Oh, the Chick-fil-a cows there there too! My selfie didn't turn out so well!

Last thing, Mom bought me a horse and without warning sat the horse next to me which started galloping and "singing", yes signing... scared the skat right out of me! After a few days I could tell he was sad because he was in a new place and I wasn't paying any attention to him, but now we are good to go and hang out everyday! Signing off for now! GB

It's Up By The Pointy-end, or please take a bow!

by First Mate GB on March 21st, 2018

I have been online doing my lessons on NauticEd, which my mom is also taking so we can at least know the basics to help dad when he needs us. For instance, did you know that rope on a boat is called a line? Unless of course it is attached to something, like a line to the mast is a Halyard, a line from the back corner of a sail (the clew) is called a sheet! Oh it gets worse, do you know what it is called if it is attached to the Dinghy, or tender? A painter, not a dinghy line, not a tender saver, no a painter! Tie a line to the anchor... it's a rode! I wonder if you take a line from the traveler and use it on the rode, does it become the rode less traveled? Literary humor from a bear, you didn't see that one coming did you!

Now the front sail is a jib or genoa, which is a staysail. Oh and when referring to sails like staysail or mainsail, don't make it sound like "sail", you have to make it kinda sound like, staysul or mainsul! Don't ask me, I'm just the first mate and ships blogger! To make matters even more interesting we have two masts, a main mast and a mizzen mast. The mizzen mast is set aft of the main mast, so our boat is called a Ketch, not to be confused with a Yawl, y'all. So when it is floating like it should be it's kinda like ketchup, or when some sloop is lagging behind, I yell ketch up and dad says my mom is a great ketch!

To get to the galley (kitchen), the head (bathroom) or my bedroom (cabin or forward berth) I have to go though and down the companionway ladder (steps). To announce my intentions I have to say, "I'm going below" and my right is starboard, and my left is port, but only if I am facing the pointy end! If I head to the bow, I am going forward and if I am heading toward the stern, I am going aft. Think about being a guest on our boat and asking where the "bathroom" is while sitting in the "cockpit". Just go through the companionway to go below, then forward to port just before the forward berth! Give me a new pair of shorts, I got lost. As you can see there is a lot to this sailboat thing. Have a look at the picture to learn more, oh and we don't have a centerboard or daggerboard, we have a fixed wing keel (smile). I hope you liked my first class. Signing off for now! GB

Is She There or Is She Gone? I'm gonna miss her!

by First Mate GB on March 20th, 2018

My last post was when Mom and I went to meet Dad who was having meetings in Maryland and Virginia, back in February. It was nice, but very cold and wet, plus Dad was gone and Mom was busy working. The worst part was that we finally got to see Lauren, our friend who works at the Water Street Grill, who we haven't seen in a while. I like her she is pretty cool and she has the greatest smile, Mom thinks I have a crush! Actually, I just like her attitude and the way she always seems happy go lucky, and she gets me desserts.

Everything was good until Dad asked her about her trip to Florida! She really didn't get to spend much time in Florida, but she did have some good times in Savanah, Georgia. By the time she got to Florida it was time to fly back, in less than like 24 hours. Back to Savannah now. She loved it so much there, that she is moving from Gloucester to Savannah and I really don't like that idea. Sure it's great for her and I totally get that, but she is our friend and we always look forward to seeing her and hanging out. I hope she's still there this weekend or next because Dad promised me that we would try to catch her before she leaves in April.

Besides hopefully seeing Lauren, I want to go check on our boat because it has been very cold up there since we were last there and cold isn't good for a boat. Dad is having some work done on the boat also, but I just want to go hang out for a day or two. I really hope it works out, but both Dad and Mom are so busy it might not. I checked on the train, but they have an age limit for riding by myself, just like planes. I though about building a really big sling shot, but the things I saw on YouTube didn't work out too good for the designers and I DON'T want to FACE PLANT like so many of them did. Oh Yea, I almost forgot... Mom bought me a horse at the Rodeo Saturday night, so I will be posting about my horse soon and I'll have a picture too! Signing off for now! GB

Just Chillin' and Why That's Not Always a Good Thing

by First Mate GB on February 13th, 2018

Okay everyone is always saying "just chillin'", but I am not sure I am good with that, or maybe I simply don't understand it. So last night I wanted to stay up a bit and watch Paddington on the iPad so I hopped in the chair and started watching the movie. Soon I started to get a bit chilly and Mom and Dad were not giving up any covers willingly, but I was cold. So I grabbed my dad's sweatshirt, put it on and was super comfy and warm. So why would anyone want to chill? I chilled until I couldn't take it anymore, so my new saying is "just warming up". Dad liked that because he always says that when he is sucking at bowling, "I'm just warming up!", in fact Uncle Patrick says it too and usually when he and Aunt Mareena are bowling with us!

Speaking of warming up, I wish it would warm up and dry up in Virginia! Dad is off having meetings, so Mom and I are staying at the hotel. Mom has to work all day, so normally I would head outside to get some fresh air and play. There is a cool park and I love swings, but no joy the past two days... rainy and cold, I need a weather window for playtime!

Speaking of weather windows, this Thursday or late Friday is showing to be an awesome weather window for moving the boat. Seas or waves less than 1 meter, winds from behind at between 10 and 30 knots and the outside isn't supposed to be that cold! Two problems, the first is the potential crew are in Miami at the boat show and the second, is that Dad and I can't do it by ourselves, but I am working on my sailing classwork on-line, so one day! Wish us luck and keep following me, because one day you never know I may be on the boat writing from somewhere NOT in Virginia! Signing off for now! GB

Rewind or Burr, Why Do My Nieces Live in the Arctic!

by First Mate GB on February 11th, 2018

GB checking in again. Greetings, or should I say belated season greetings?! I just remembered I should have already given a shout out to my nieces; Faith, Sophia and Annabelle (Faith is a GIANT). They're the best! We went up and spent Christmas with them at the North Pole, I mean Minnesota. Is that right Mom? I had the best time there!

You know the only thing I didn't enjoy - the cold! I don't mean cold like we have in Texas - this is something like I've never known before... don't put your tongue on anything metal and cold - just saying! It was -2 (that's MINUS, like lower that ZERO) on Christmas Day! That's just cozy weather right?! Yea if you are a polar bear! Mom and Dad put me in so many clothes I could hardly move around.

At least I didn't have to wear all of those clothes when we were at the Mall of America, which is where we stayed at the Radisson Blu Hotel. I really didn't understand the name because it wasn't Blue! We rode some awesome rides and had some great food. Sophia was lucky she got to go on the log ride with my Dad, but I wasn't tall enough! Oh and the food is great, there are choices that can even make my taste buds go Hey Ya! If you have never been to the Mall of America, you are missing out big time! You have to see it in person to understand how big this place is. I thought all of the really big things were in Texas! I think I smell someone making fresh cookies, gotta go! Signing off for now! GB

We FINALLY Got To Check on The Boat...

by First Mate GB on February 11th, 2018

Ahoy Mates! GB here, I'm going to be posting my adventures more often from now on. Mom says it's important now that I have a following. I'm not really sure what that means but evidently it's a good thing. I think it might be like when Dad said people were asking when I would write a new post the other day.

Well we made it up to Virginia to check on the boat after all of the very cold weather we had recently and all seems good so far. Boat won't start, but besides that it seems good. Mom was happy and even got on and off the boat without the "pet" ramp! I was pretty happy that the boat was good, it's like my home and has a cool playground above deck and little caves below.

Dad has a couple of boat projects planned for this visit. One of them is installing something called a Wi-Fi range extender. Don't ask me to explain it, but it's something that will allow Mom and Dad to do their work when we visit the boat. Cool, I like it because this way, we can all spend more time on the boat.

Oh, I almost forgot, Mom and Dad took a couple of hours away from the boat today and went and saw a movie called 12 Strong. I wanted to go, but I guess I wasn't old enough, so they said we could go see Peter Rabbit this week one night and have popcorn and candy!

Got to go, one of our Marina neighbors just showed up and I haven't seen them in awhile, gotta say hi! Signing off for now! GB

People are reading my blog! Yikes, I need to get busy!

by First Mate GB on February 10th, 2018

My dad has been traveling for business this past week and yesterday he was in Charleston, SC, one of the coolest cities I've been to! It's mom's second favorite city in the US, right after Boston. My top three are the three towns or cities that make up the historic triangle in Virginia, Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg. There is a lot of history there to be sure and when dad has business up in Virginia, he brings me and mom and we go study history while dad works.

Back to my dad's work trip... he went to one of his partner companies yesterday and when he walked in all of the girls in the office asked him when I was going to write again in my blog! That is really cool, because sometimes I forget that my blog is on the internet and anyone can read it. So hi there girls, thank you for following me on my adventure! I want to come by next time to meet you guys! I know mom and dad have enjoyed being with you guys, I heard all about the Christmas party!

Well I have to get my backpack packed and we are heading to Page's Okra Grill for a late breakfast! See y'all soon, I hope! Signing off for now! GB

Why Does The Motion of the Boat Make you Fall Asleep

by First Mate GB on January 5th, 2018

I don't know what it is, but this boat is a sleep machine! It's big enough that even when we have been in heavy winds, waves and tidal current she makes you feel safe and secure and well, that leads to Zzzz's Time! Okay, I will say that I ALWAYS last longer than mom does! Well actually just bear-ly, get it? You know because I'm a bear, you know barely, but bear-ly.

Okay, moving on now. Dad bought me this cool flashlight that is on a band that wraps around my head, it has two brightnesses for the white light, it has red light mode for night time so we don't ruin our night vision, and it has an SOS strobe, which mom thought was for disco (what is disco?). It matches the one that dad has, so I just set mine to what he has his set on and we are good to go. Next trip to the boat dad is going to make a harness for me, so that I can clip into the safety line when I go to the foredeck to help with things, or to watch from the pointy end!

Dad promised we would go check out the boat really soon because there has been a nasty cold front that impacted us in Texas, and the marina in Charleston had burst pipes and all, so I need to know all is okay with our boat which is really like home on the water and I really like it! I am sure it is fine we left the below deck heaters on low and the marina in Virginia winterizes their dock because they are further north... but we filled the fresh water tank, all the way up, so I hope things are good.

One last thing before I go, I had some really sad news, Atom, the Japanese dog that was my best friend died and went to doggy heaven, I am going to miss him very much, we loved him like he was family! I know his mom and dad miss him too! Signing off for now! GB

Weather Window - Can't Find One ANYWHERE!

by First Mate GB on December 22nd, 2017

Dad is looking hard for a weather window, so I jumped on my bike and rode to Lowes to find him one, no luck. Rode over to Home Depot and the guy took me to the window section and asked what kind of window I was looking for and when I answered him, he gave me a funny look.

I know a lot about windows, for instance if it's nice outside, we open the windows in the house. When we are in the truck or car and want fresh air, we roll down the windows... so why is it so hard to find a weather window?

So I looked at double pane, weatherguard, windows by Andersen and somehow I didn't really feel these would work on the boat, besides Dad just had the windows replaced in the cockpit of the boat. So I rode back home, got on my Mac and googled it!

What I found was SO COOL! Did you know that when you are on a boat you have to worry about things like the waves, swells, the "stream", wind speed and direction, especially when you are on a sail boat. See the wind is what powers the sail boat and you want it coming from the right direction and not too fast. Our boat can easily handle winds of 30 knots or greater, but you don't really want to start a passage at a really high wind speed. So what Dad was looking for was the right combination of a lot of things... basically the right weather window.

Gotta go play with Predict Wind, so I can know about this stuff. Signing off for now! GB

My favorite places to hang!

by First Mate GB on December 18th, 2017

I will tell you, there are some pretty cool places to explore on our boat and with 53' there are a lot of places to play, to hide or just hang out. I still remember hearing mom say, this boat doesn't seem as big as it looked in pictures, or on S/V Bebe site or even in the Delos videos. After about two days, she felt right at home and realized it IS a BIG boat, in fact we have lost mom a couple of times. Dad would go to the cockpit to look and I would go forward, and then we would find her somewhere, but never where we last saw her, or expected her to be. I remember when we were putting all of the stuff away, and I got my own two lockers and a spot under the floor. I have plenty of room for all of my cool "boat stuff".

Okay, I love my mom, she is great and takes me almost everywhere with her, she teaches me cool things about history and is pretty cool. But, she gets a bit nervous when I am on deck helping dad with the sails and stuff, so I push it a bit by hanging out in the rigging, on the masts, etc. Dad says it is good to practice, but sometimes I fall asleep and mom has to come and get me to come below for dinner. The views are really cool from up top hanging out on the mainmast boom, oh and the best is the boatswains chair that gets hoisted up the mast! I can't write that I got to check the mast head light for dad, because mom reads this sometimes... let's just say WOW!

To hammock, or not to hammock, that is my question! You tell me, doesn't that look like a hammock? Mom says it is for her to put vegetables and stuff in and that it's not my spot to hang out, but sometimes it's just me and dad and you know what that means!!! Just don't tell mom! Mom and Dad got hammocks for Christmas too, so now we all have one... well I have to share mine with fruits and vegetables, but hey, at least my healthy snacks are within reach! Signing off for now! GB

Barnacles... what???

by First Mate GB on November 30th, 2017

So What’s A Barnacle?

Wanted to check in with you again as the excitement is growing as our boat will be leaving VA soon for Charleston. It’s been hard for me to get extra time with dad lately because he’s either on the phone with the guys at the marina or watching the weather forecasts. Evidently, the work is almost done on the boat. Yeah!! We’ve even gotten new windows and paint. Yesterday, they were even waxing it.

But here’s the big question – What exactly is a barnacle? Dad says our boat got some super special paint job to get rid of barnacles. Is there really some sort of animal that would latch on to our boat and not want to let go? This boat stuff just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

Got to go. It’s almost lunch time, and Charleston has the yummiest food! Did I forget to mention we’re in Charleston for a couple of days? Mom needed to come for work, and it gave dad a chance to check in with the marina to let them know when to expect our boat.

Signing off for now! GB

I am Thankful for PIE and Family, and Happy Birthday Mom!

by First Mate GB on November 25th, 2017

GB Here! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. You know there's just so much to do during the holidays, like eating pie and shopping for Mom's birthday present! We flew back to South Carolina in time for Thanksgiving, but before that we went to visit my Grandmother in Weatherford, TX for her birthday, and I got to visit with my favorite cousin, Megan. She is so cool AND really smart. You wouldn't believe how great she reads. I have so much catching up to do.

By the way, Mom and Dad seemed to be disagreeing a bit before Thanksgiving. Evidently it had something to do with the menu, because Mom said we had duplicates of a few dishes like cornbread dressing and herb dressing, my favorite! They kept asking me which I liked best, but I didn't fall for that... oops! I am 3 you know.

Back on the subject of our boat, I have been wondering why Dad keeps checking the weather on his computer. Mom says because it's time to move the boat to our winter marina in Charleston, SC. I'm a bit nervous because I've been hearing things like current vs. waves vs. wind direction and wind speed. I think there is more to this sailing stuff and I will update you as soon as I know more myself. Signing off for now because Grandma White just asked me if I wanted some leftover Pie and Ice Cream! Oh yea, it's my mom's birthday today she's 29... again?! Not sure what that means, but I will also get back to you on that one!

See ya! GB

Hey I know you or Learning How to Bark in Japanese!

by First Mate GB on November 9th, 2017

GB Here! I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had on our last visit back to the boat in VA. Our friends Rick and Sharon, and their dog Atom came to visit from TX. Atom is Japanese and he taught me how to bark and howl at the moon in Japanese. They were all staying at the Jellystone Campground right across the water from our marina. We cooked out, ate sloppy joes, steaks and pie! We even had campfires that were really neat and sounded cool! There were more little kids running around the campground at night in the dark with flashlights, Night Games are the BEST!

We spent two days at the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown. What a cool place! I learned all sorts of neat things. Did you know the siege at Yorktown went on for 19 days? And then the patriots won! Mom was especially excited with all the stuff we learned there. You know she's in DAR. Evidently that has something to do with the museum. Note to self - I've got to ask dad about this DAR group that mom is always going on and on about!

I almost forgot... I wanted to tell about the awesome food we had. Our favorite place is Water Street Grill in Yorktown. I really like Lauren, she spoils us! I had the pizza, the fish-n-chips and a burger. Yummy! Mom says the mussels are great, but I'll just have to take her word on that! See dad is allergic, so I'm pretty sure I am too! I think I hear someone opening cookies, gotta go!

See ya! GB

Rewind - I Forgot the day the sun went dark!

by First Mate GB on October 24, 2017

Just a few days before we closed on the boat, we were in Greenville with my Grandparents hanging out for the weekend. We flew there from our place in Texas, I am really racking up the frequent flyer miles, and Delta Cookie consumption (although, the lady of the boat (my mom) enjoys them too!). On the 21st of August, my grandpa handed me some sunglasses that didn't really work because I couldn't see anything, I mean not even my Orange Fanta right in front of me! We sat there and sat there, everyone seemed excited about something, but what? They kept saying it started and then stared at the sun! I have always been told NOT to stare at the sun, but something was up.

Then I heard solar eclipse, so I Googled it... wow, someone is going to turn off the sun, so I put on my crazy "sun" glasses and stared at the sky and guess what? You're right, I burped! Oh, the sun went dark too! That's probably more of a mystery. Anyway, pretty cool huh?!

Entry #1 - 22 October 2017

by First Mate GB on October 22, 2017

Ahoy Mates! I'm G.B., otherwise known as Garver Bear, but I go by GB. I am the first mate on SV It's Good and am in charge of keeping up with the ships logs and eating cookies! This is where you'll be able to get the real scoop. We're starting our voyage in Gloucester, VA. the coolest place to be because we're near the birthplace of America... Yorktown, VA with Jamestown and Williamsburg just a few cookies away.

The marina is really cool here because we are near Jelly Stone Park and I get to go visit Yogi and friends there, and the girl in the ships store is teaching me to swim! I will be posting from time to time so stay tuned, it's my bed time so I have to go. Keep the wind in the sails!

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