S/V It's Good

In the words of Bob Bitchin, "Don't dream your life, live your dream!" and that is exactly what Jennifer and I decided to do on Memorial Day 2017. Please follow us on our journey as we share our adventures with you. Here's to all that came before and to all those who will follow...
~ Shaka! ~

The Crew

About The Crew

I grew up around boats, mostly motor boats and was always intrigued by sailing vessels in the movies and of course the story of Robin Lee Graham and Dove. My first experience on a sailboat was on a lake in Texas on a friends Catalina 22 and immediately I was hooked. Since that moment I did all that I could to get on more sailboats, including sail boat racing on lakes then the San Francisco Bay, to the Pacific Ocean. My first boat of my own was a 26' O'Day, not fast but sturdy and fun to sail. I have had a few other boats over the years and have followed the world cruisers before YouTube, Facebook, or the other social media forums. Back when it was boat shows, cruiser parties, books and magazines.

When Jennifer and I met, I showed her my love of boats and she followed along, a bit cautiously at first, but then reading old issues of Latitudes and Attitudes, and all of the books she started to come around. We followed Bill and Judy on S/V Bebe an Amel Super Maramu and shortly after I found myself on a business trip to Sint Maarten at a bar in Simpson Bay talking to a sailor who just so happened to have an Amel SM as well, so he invited me out to look, what an awesome boat in person. Shortly after, while I was surfing the web looking at Amels for sale, a co-worker told me about another Amel Super Maramu sailing around the world, SV Delos and Crew.

Jennifer and I watched the adventures of the Delos crew wishing they would keep up with the speed of our viewing, but we had to wait for each new video. The best for us, okay for me attempting to convince her this was the boat, were the videos that showed Delos in less than calm seas. Now fast forward to Memorial Day 2017, the first day we saw OUR BOAT... It's Good!

Our Boat

About Our Boat

Our boat is an Amel Super Maramu, #105 to be exact. It was designed by Henri Amel and built in La Rochelle, France. The boat is very complex with support for both 220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz in an effort to accommodate the crew where ever they may travel. The boats were meant to cross oceans and circle the globe as many have done before. Mr. Amel also designed them as a Ketch rig to be better handled short-handed by a couple on long passages. The boat is the feature of many stories, and people who form the Amel family, of which we are proud to be a part. For more about the Amel boats and the people that own them here are a couple of interesting articles: The Cult of Amels and Cult Boat? Deservedly So.. Now I will be the first to admit an Amel isn't for everyone, but for us this is the perfect boat.

A closer look at our new home, we are so very happy with her! It's GOOD!

Severn River Yacthing Center

Recognition and Thanks

When we bought our Amel, it was for sale by Epic Yacht Sales and was moored at the Severn River Yachting Center in Gloucester, VA (actually address is Hayes). The marina is a stop over, or even summer home to many boats leaving the Caribbean and other southern destinations during hurricane season due to its location and the protected creek it is in. It is located just off Mobjack Bay, off the Chesapeake Bay. We stayed for two years because of the beauty, safety, location and amenities of the marina. Now to my point, the team at Severn are the most incredible team of people I have ever met and they will always be my go-to team for any boat project needs. For those who saw our blog, we did recently move our boat, but only because the new marina has a floating dock that can accommodate our depth of 6'9". We already miss Severn, but my wife loves to be able to get on and off without regard to tides. If you are heading north and need a place to stay, or need some work done, you will find the rates at Severns unbeatable anywhere near. So skip Deltaville, go see my friends at Severn Yachting Center and tell them that Mark and Jennifer sent you! Thank you everyone at Severn, you are the best!

Things We Have Done On The Boat

Electrical Systems

  • Added battery charger for Engine Start Battery
  • Replaced all 8 house batteries (Wish we would have gone Lithium)
  • Replaced Kiss Wind Generator with Rutland 1200 500 Watt

Running Rigging

  • Replaced Main Halyard
  • Replaced Spare Halyard from Main Mast
  • Replaced Traveler Line

Comfort Stuff

  • Mats for Aft Cabin Top - Lounging
  • New Main Salon Seating (Seats & Backs - White)
  • New Linens and Lot's of Throw Pillows
  • New DVD/BluTooth Player
  • New Main Salon Upholstery
  • New Tinted Windows in Cockpit

AirCon and Heating

  • Replaced Main Saloon AC unit (Ocean Marine 16,000 BTU) with MarineAir 16,000 BTU w/remote
  • Replaced Aft Cabin AC Unit (Frigoboat 8,000 BTU) with Marine Air 9,000 BTU w/remote
  • Spec'd Out Box for Espar Diesel Heater in Pass Through

Misc. Items

  • Replaced Freshwater Pump in Galley
  • Replaced Bilge Pump
  • Re-built pumps in both heads & replaced output hose in aft head


  • New Dinghy (Saturn 12') - Replaced West Marine 10.5'
  • Certified Viking 6-man Life Raft
  • New Flares
  • Iridium Go! w/Monitoring
  • Garmin InReach